Ocademy Enterprise Solutions

Ocademy Enterprise Solutions

Discover modern, efficient and cost-effective ways to train groups of stakeholders in your organisation.

Studies have shown that participants learn up to five times more material in online learning courses than in traditional in person courses, with increased student retention rates by up to 60%. Online courses are better for the environment too, using an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional face to face courses.

Our bespoke e-learning solutions provide the perfect solution when you need to provide a high standard of consistent, quality training to numerous people such as staff, teams, partners, or customers.

By delivering course material online, your ‘students’ can learn on their own schedules and take the time they need to review and assimilate your training.

With many simple options for structuring program content, the option for integrated quizzes, and automated delivery of completion certificates, you can ensure the knowledge you need to impart is effectively transferred to your participants.

We can help create course content if you require, from the simplest slide format with voiceover to more advanced full video with animations, professional presenters, and sound.

Whatever the learning program subject matter, we can assist. We have a wealth of experience creating and delivering education and training for clients, and will work with you to be certain the course content you need is developed and provided most effectively.

Our recent work has ranged from company-wide compliance and cybersecurity awareness, change management systems, and service desk training, to educational programs on sports, nutrition and wellness,

Whether you have all course content ready yourself or require assistance in converting your own content into a learning program, we can help. And when it comes to delivering your training, we provide all technical aspects of management, hosting, and delivery,

We can host and manage our training platform solution for you complete with your own branding or provide a full and flexible solution integrated onto your own servers. We are fully flexible in our approach and will work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Let us know when the training needs of your organisation require a customised, full service solution. We look forward to showing you how we can help.

Experience built on helping industry leaders.