Why did we make these programs?

We believe that learning from experience is one of the best ways to truly understand how to succeed in business. That is why the educational programs we offer teach you both theory and practical skills rooted in real world online business experience. They also provide you with a valuable opportunity to build your own base of experience in the essential, proven tools and techniques used by successful e-businesses around the world.

Who are our programs for?

If you are looking to upgrade your skills, boost your qualifications, increase your earning power, make a career switch, or raise your chances of online business success, our programs are for you. As the knowledge and skills we teach are universally applicable to any kind of organisation conducting business online, the main requirement is simply an open-minded, keen interest to learn. Because all of our programs are part-time, web based and flexible, you can adapt both the pace and time you spend learning around your own schedule.

Do I get any certification after I finish a program?

Yes, you will receive your certificate of completion after you finish any of our professional learning programs. You may use this as proof of completion to display your qualifications and boost your credibility to your company, on your CV, on your LinkedIn profile, to show to future employers, for your website, and in any beneficial manner you choose.

What support do I get when I enroll?

When you enrol in any of our programs, you will receive valuable support and feedback from expert mentors and a community of like-minded participants both during and following completion of the program. You will also gain access to future course updates, business development and collaboration opportunities, invitations to exclusive hosted events, shared professional resources, and much more.

What do I need to take part in a program?

All you need to take part in a learning program is an internet enabled laptop, mobile, or desktop, and your email account. We will provide you with guidance and access to any of the software you may require based on your chosen learning program.

What do I leave the program with?

In addition to your certificate of completion and continued professional support, you will leave with an essential base of knowledge and the practical skills you need to successfully achieve your own goals with confidence.

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