E-business Project Management ++

Project Management skills are essential to online business success.

The ability to smoothly manage workflows in a dynamic operating environment makes these skills among the most sought-after qualifications for digital businesses globally. When done correctly, well-managed projects make every part of an online business run smoothly and efficiently. The E-business Project Management course will help you transform and modernise your ways of working and teach you how to manage projects with your team professionally.

What will you learn?

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, project managers need to ensure their projects’ goals remain closely aligned to their company’s strategic objectives. Being a project manager in an online business requires a specific set of skills and professional knowledge. Ocademy’s E-business Project Management training program will teach you the skills, tools, and techniques you need to turn challenges facing your organisation into actionable work plans.


6-8 Weeks


Lifetime Access



Management Experience

Not Required

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About the Instructor

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott is the Business Mentor for Ocademy Global, Web Fuel Agency, and VMS International -- sister companies which share a focus on creating successful online businesses.

Stuart has over 20 years of experience advising online businesses and developed wide-ranging capabilities in the E-Commerce sector. He has worked with large companies including Google, Yahoo, British Telecom and Philips, and provided strategic counsel to numerous successful start-ups.

Stuart specialises in developing actionable E-Business strategies based on company vision, combining innovative, big picture thinking with a strong background in both execution and implementation. His significant experience in large-scale E-Business transformation and performance improvement programs form the basis of his regular conference appearances as an expert speaker on topics including leadership, change management, and enablement.

Who is this Course For?

The E-business Project Management program is suitable for anyone seeking to develop or enhance their E-business Project Management knowledge and skills, including:

  • People from any industry, background or level of experience: including consumer-facing, B2B, startups, and non-commercial organisations
  • Entrepreneurs looking to launch an E-business Project Management successfully
  • Established online business owners looking to upgrade their qualifications
  • Established offline business owners looking to kickstart or improve their digital presence or e-workforce management skills
  • Aspiring or current project managers seeking to learn or expand their E-business Project Management skills

This course will supply you with the confidence and expertise needed to positively transform your business - by effectively managing projects that deliver professional, value-added results.

Experience built on helping industry leaders.